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welcome to BlueSpiceWiki

Important! A critical security vulnerability of the log4j Java library has been reported. After an initial assessment, current versions of BlueSpice are not affected by this issue. In older installations, the search components could be affected. You can find our detailed vulnerability assessment here.

Additional Info: How to apply the latest MediaWiki security patch to BlueSpice 3.2.8.


Release historyLatest patch release: 3.2.10 (17 March 2022)

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BlueSpice is a comfortable and easy to learn software to manage your (company) knowlege. We provide a lot of tools for editors, authors and readers.

First steps

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Admins & Developers

BlueSpice has a lot of options to create and optimize your wiki. For example you can manage your wiki with our role based permission management.

Quick links

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We plan to create a portal where our community can share their ideas around BlueSpice. In the meantime, check out how to stay in touch.


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BlueSpice free

The free entry into the world of company wikis.

Ideal for self-employed, small businesses, associations, clubs and individuals.

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BlueSpice pro

The leading open source enterprise wiki.

BlueSpice pro is the software of choice for effectively documenting, organizing, sharing, discussing and developing knowledge, information and data in a team.

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BlueSpice pro farm

The scalable solution for customers with high demands.

Available as an extension of the BlueSpice per subscription "Self-Support" and "Standard".

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