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BlueSpice 3.2

BlueSpice 3.2 is a minor release.

Point Releases

3.2.10March 17, 2022
3.2.9February 8, 2022
3.2.8December 15, 2021
3.2.7November 19, 2021
3.2.6September 20, 2021
3.2.5August 16, 2021
3.2.4July 15, 2021
3.2.3June 16, 2021
3.2.2May 18, 2021
3.2.1April 12, 2021
3.2March 16, 2021

Important new features in version 3.2

Description Screenshot
Review workflow template manager A new review workflow template manager simplifies the work with workflow presets.
Review template manager
Group votes in the review workflow The review workflow step of type "groupvote" allows multiple users to cast a vote on a single workflow step.
Group review step
Anonymous users can create books Anonymous users can now temporarily create books and print them to PDF.
Temporary book
New buttons for book navigation Now it is possible to activate buttons for navigating back/forward in a book.
Book navigation
Online status indicators The online status of users is now indicated in the profile flyout menu.
Online status indicator
GUI changes to indicate resource changes on a page For pages that use the approval feature:

Changes to embedded resources on a page with approval feature are now easier to recognize and to approve.

Changes to page resources
Infrastructure for statistics We have created a new statistics infratructure to collect snapshot data over time. These can alreay be analyzed via command line scripts.
Performance improvements To improve overall performance, we now load more data on-demand.

Additional changes

Change Description
EditNotify and BlueSpiceEditNotifyConnector have been removed. The extensions EditNotify and BlueSpiceEditNotifyConnector are no longer included. Their functionality is now handled by BlueSpiceEchoConnector.
LDAPSyncAll has been added. The extension LDAPSyncAll for synchronizing database and LDAP (e.g., Active Directory) has been added. The extension is disabled by default.
New wiki farm extensions:

MergeArticles und ContentTransfer

The extension ContentTransfer allows to mass-copy wiki pages from one wiki instance to another. If a wiki page already exists in the target namespace, MergeArticles lets users review and merge the version differences.

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