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BlueSpiceChecklist allows inserting checklists and checkboxes for to-do lists with responsibilities and status settings.

Magic word "checklist"

It is easy to insert simple checklists into any wiki page. When a wiki page has a checklist, any user with checklistmodify rights can update the checklist values without switching into edit mode. These are by default users in the role editor, author, maintenanceadmin and bot.

Note: If a user with read permissions changes the value of a checkbox or drop-down list, the value will not be saved. Refreshing the page will show the last value that has been saved before.

To create a checklist item:

  • Click Insert > More > Magic word in the visual editor.
    The visual editor
    The visual editor

  • Click checklist in the dialog window.
    Magic word checklist
    Magic word checklist
  • Click Done. Another dialog window appears.
    Dialog window for checklists
    Dialog window for checklists

Now select the tab to select your checklist type:

  • Checkbox: creates an individual checkbox.
  • List: creates a drop-down menu.

A page can contain multiple checkboxes and lists.

Creating a checkbox

  1. Toggle the switch in the dialog window on the checkbox tab to create an unselected checkbox. When this toggle is blue, the checkbox is pre-selected.
  2. Select insert. The checkbox is now visible on the page. Write the text for a label or for an instruction next to the checkbox

After the page has been saved, all users can activate and deactivate the checkbox.

Creating a drop-down list

Selecting a checklist template
Selecting a checklist template

  1. Select an existing option list in the List tab.
  2. Under Selected option, choose the default value.
  3. Click Done.

After saving the page, all users can change the selected list value in read mode.

Defining an option list

Before a combobox can be created, a template for the list items needs to be available. For example, to create a list of pizzas, you need to create a page Template:Pizza with the following content:

* Choose pizza
* Margherita
* Prosciutto
* Salami
* Fungi|#00FF00
* Hawaii
* Gamberetti|#0000FF
* Diavolo
* Siziliana|#0000FF
* Quattro Formaggi|#00FF00

After saving this page, the list "Pizza" appears in the select menu Option list.

Colors can be assigned to each option using the color's HEX code. The color value #00FF00 shows green text.

* Quattro Formaggi|#00FF00

Without specifying the color, text inherits the text color of the wiki page.

Checklist examples (checkbox and select menu)
Checklist examples (checkbox and select menu)

Adding checklists in source editing mode

Checklists can also be added to a page using wikitext. The syntax for adding the tag is:


<bs:checklist type="check" checked="true" />

The value of the paramter checked can be true or false, depending on whether the checkbox should initially be selected (true) or deselected (false). List:

<bs:checklist type="list" list="Template:Pizza" value="Choose pizza" />

The parameter list defines the template page that contains the list, value defines the initial selection.

Once a checklist tag has been saved on a page, users can change its value in read mode.


The following configuration can be changed in the Config manager:

  • Mark checklist changes as minor edit: If this setting is active, changes to a checklist (for example, checking a checkbox) in view mode are logged as minor edits. If this setting is inactive, a change to the checklist is recorded as a regular version in the page history.
    minor edit
    minor edit

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