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The page Special:InstanceStatus provides wiki administrators information about their wiki. Here, administrators can also access previous maintenance messages.

Status overview

Instance Status page
Instance Status page

The following information is available:

  • User quota: Number of assigned and maximum number of user accounts.
  • Authentication method: Local (user accounts are maintained in the wiki) or SSO (users are authenticated via a single-sign-on service).
  • BlueSpice version: Version number of the wiki deployment.
  • Instance created on: Date when the wiki was placed into service.
  • Last update on: Date when the wiki was last updated or upgraded.
  • BlueSpice contact: Link to the contact form on


To perform maintenance tasks on your wiki, server administrators on occasion display a message on the wiki that informs administrators or users that wiki maintenance is scheduled for a certain time. This message is sometimes shown only to administrators and other times to all users.

Messages to administrators (secure message)

If a server administrator has sent a message only to wiki administrators, all wiki pages display a confirmation box to admin users. The box only disappears after the admin user has checked the confirmation checkbox and submits it by clicking Acknowledge. The message disappears from all pages.

Maintenance message shown only to administrators
Maintenance message shown only to administrators

Messages to all users (general)

If a message is sent to all users instead, wiki users (including admin users) see the message, but do not have to acknowledge reading the message. They can close the message window at any time. The message then disappears from all pages.

Maintenance message shown to all users
Maintenance message shown to all users

Message history

On the Instance Status page, administrators can see a history of all status messages for their wiki. Here, they can filter by message priority or by read / unread pages. In addition, there is a search field to run a full-text search in all messages. A timestamp shows when the message was sent out.

Double-clicking on the message shows the message details, such as expiration date, message type (public or secure), and the full message content.

Message history
Message history

Message types

Message option Possible value Marker Description
Security level Public - visible to all wiki users
Secure lock visible to administrators
Priority Low green
Medium blue
High yellow
Blocker red wiki pages cannot be accessed while a blocker is active.
Message type Expirable - notification automatically expires.
Acknowledgeable checkbox notification disappears after user activates and submits the checkbox acknowledgement

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