Group manager

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The interface for the Group manager is provided by the extension GroupManager. It allows adding, renaming and deleting groups.


An administrator can go to Global actions > Management > Group manager. This opens the page Special:GroupManager.

Screenshot: group manager


The group manager has the following features:

  • Viewing groups: All existing groups in the wiki are listed.
  • Creating new groups: Clicking on the "plus" button opens a dialog for adding a new group.
  • Renaming groups: A group can be renamed by selecting it and then clicking the wrench icon. System groups and groups declared by other extensions cannot be renamed.
  • Deleting a group: A group can be deleted by selecting it and then clicking the "x" button. System groups cannot be deleted.

Screenshot: editing groups

Assigning roles and users to groups

To assign users to groups, use the User manager. To assign roles (permissions) to groups, use the Permission manager.

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