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The extension PagesVisited creates a list of your recently visited pages.

Personal navigation

The functionality is integrated in the personal navigation menu (clipboard icon). If it has been removed, it can be re-added on the page User:<username>/Sidebar. This page is loaded when the Edit sidebar link at the bottom of the sidebar is clicked. This link is visible when you hover over any existing navigation item.

To display recently visited pages add the following item to the page:


PagesVisited in the personal navigation
PagesVisited in the personal navigation

Embedding the tag on a page

PagesVisited on the page
PagesVisited on the page

While in source edit mode, enter the following tag anwhere on the page.

<pagesvisited count="10" />

The list of recently viewed pages will appear at the place in the page where the tag was inserted.

Options that can be passed to the tag are:

  • count - number of pages to show
  • maxtitlelength - maximum length of each shown page
  • namespaces - list of namespaces from which to show pages. Multiple namespaces can be entered, separated by comma.
  • order - sorting of the pages displayed - can be "time" or "pagename"
Inserting the PagesVisited tag
Inserting the PagesVisited tag

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