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The extension SaferEdit automatically saves a page at predefined intervals.

How it works

Users can set in there preferences under the tab Editing if they want to see a warning message when they leave the page without saving pending changes. This setting is activated by default.

Warning when leaving an unsaved page
Warning when leaving an unsaved page

Additional functions

  • Recovery versions: The recovery versions are saved for the user and are only available to this user. They are not, however, deleted when logging off and are available when the user logs on again.
  • Edit conflicts: If the page is currently being edited by a user, a banner at the top of the page shows the user name of the editor.

Current page editor
Current page editor


SafeEdit is useful when you have just accidentally closed a browser tab without saving your changes. If, however, you leave the page intentionally, i.e. you have saved the page or clicked on "Cancel" and confirmed the dialog that you want to leave the page with unsaved changes, then the existing recovery versions are deleted and are no longer available.


In the Config Manager, administrators can change the following settings:

  • Interval for lookup for concurrent editings: Sets the time in seconds for checking if another person is editing the page.
  • Show name of current editor: Shows or hides the name of the user who is currently editing the page.

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