Permission Definition Namespace
applychangetags Apply tags along with one's changes yes MediaWiki
autocreateaccount Automatically log in with an external user account - a more limited version of createaccount yes MediaWiki
autoreview automatically marks those edits which a user has made themselves as reviewed yes BlueSpice
autoreviewrestore autoreview of the rollbacks made by the user yes BlueSpice
bluespiceabout-viewspecialpage access to the page Special:BlueSpiceAbout BlueSpice
bluespiceconfigmanager-viewspecialpage access to the page Special:BlueSpiceConfigManager BlueSpice
bookshelfbookmanager-viewspecialpage BlueSpice
bookshelfbookui-viewspecialpage BlueSpice
bs-privacy-admin execute privacy administrative action BlueSpice
changetags Add and remove arbitrary tags on individual revisions and log entries  yes MediaWiki
checklistmodify Allow user to modify checklist yes BlueSpice
createclass Allows access to and creating classes in Special:CreateClass yes BlueSpice
createpage allows the user to create new pages (edit permission is needed) yes MediaWiki
createtalk allows the user to create discussion page yes BlueSpice
delete allows the user to delete pages yes BlueSpice
deletechangetags Delete tags from the database Mediawiki
deletedhistory View deleted history entries, without their associated text yes MediaWiki
deletedtext View deleted text and changes between deleted revisions yes BlueSpice
dpl_param_delete_rules allows the bulk deletion of wiki pages within the framework of DynamicPageList yes BlueSpice
dpl_param_update_rules allows you to define the rules that the DynamicPageList does to update the pages yes BlueSpice
duplicate allows user to duplicate pages yes BlueSpice
edit allows the user to edit uprotected pages yes MediaWiki
editcontentmodel edit the content model of a page yes MediaWiki
editmyuserjson edit your own user JSON files (note that this is not needed if the group already has the edituserjson right)
editprotected edit protected pages as as "sysop" yes BlueSpice
editrestrictedfields allows editing of resticted fields yes BlueSpice
editsemiprotected edit protected pages as "autoconfirmed" yes BlueSpice
editusercss edit other users' CSS files yes MediaWiki
edituserjson Edit other users' JSON files yes MediaWiki
editwidgets edit and create widgets in the namespace "Widget" yes BlueSpice
expirearticle set an expiration date for an article yes BlueSpice
generatepages enables "Generate pages" tab yes BlueSpice
geocode create georeferences yes BlueSpice
managechangetags create and (de)activate tags yes MediaWiki
markbotedits mark rolled-back edits as bot edits yes MediaWiki
mergehistory merge the history of pages yes MediaWiki
minoredit marks edit as minor yes BlueSpice
move allows the user to change the title of unprotected pages (edit permission is needed here). If the user has this permission, subpages are automatically moved with main pages. yes MediaWiki
move-categorypages move category pages - (requires the move right) yes MediaWiki
move-subpages this moves subpages along with the main page to which they are assigned (move permission is needed here). If the user has this permission, subpages are automatically moved with main pages. yes MediaWiki
movefile move files - requires the move right and $wgAllowImageMoving to be true yes MediaWiki
movestable user can move pages with stable revisions yes BlueSpice
nominornewtalk not have minor edits to discussion pages trigger the new messages prompt BlueSpice
noratelimit the user is not affected by rate limits yes MediaWiki
nuke allows access to Special:Nuke to mass delete pages yes BlueSpice
pageassignable user can get assignments yes BlueSpice
pageassignments user can make assignments yes BlueSpice
passwordreset BlueSpice
patrol mark others edits of others as patrolled yes BlueSpice
patrolmarks view recent changes patrol marks yes BlueSpice
protect allows users to protect the one side, to prevent that is this edited or moved ("Protect"can be found under "More") yes MediaWiki
purge purge the site cache for a page without information yes BlueSpice
rating-archive allows to delete reviews yes BlueSpice
rating-read allows to read reviews yes BlueSpice
rating-viewspecialpage allows to open the special page "Special Ratings" yes BlueSpice
rating-write allows updating, inserting and archiving rated comments yes BlueSpice
read lets the user view pages yes MediaWiki
readconfirmationremind remind users that they have to confirm to have read the page BlueSpice
remindereditall edit reminders of others BlueSpice
renameuser rename users BlueSpice
replacetext  make string replacements on the entire wiki yes BlueSpice
reupload overwrite existing files yes BlueSpice
reupload-shared overwrite files on the shared media repository locally yes BlueSpice
review let the user review changes yes BlueSpice
rollback quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page yes MediaWiki
rssfeeder-viewspecialpage access to the Special:RSSFeeder special page BlueSpice
smw-admin allows administrating semantic MediaWiki yes BlueSpice
social-deleteothers delete entries of others BlueSpice
social-editothers edit entries of others BlueSpice
social-editothersprofile edit user profiles of others BlueSpice
socialprofile-viewspecialpage view the special page Special:Profiles BlueSpice
stablesettings user can changes the settings of stable revisions of any page yes BlueSpice
undelete allows the user to restore deleted pages yes MediaWiki
unreviewedpages lets the user see the page Special: Unreviewed pages yes BlueSpice
unwatchedpages View a list of unwatched pages - lists pages that no user has watchlisted yes MediaWiki
upload allows the creation of new pictures and files, i.e. pictures and files can be uploaded yes MediaWiki
upload_by_url uploaded files from a URL yes BlueSpice
usermerge user is allowed to merge user-accounts yes BlueSpice
validate lets the user validate changes. lets the useThe user is not affected by rate limitsr download and/or view files which have been uploaded yes BlueSpice
viewedittab enables "Edit with form" tab yes BlueSpice
viewsuppressed view revisions hidden from any user - i.e. a more narrow alternative to "suppressrevision" yes MediaWiki
apihighlimits gives a user a higher limit for API queries; this is a spepical permiussion to allow several actions to be carried out at once no MediaWiki
autoconfirmed not to be affected by IP-based rate limits no BlueSpice
autopatrol have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled - $wgUseRCPatrol must be true no MediaWiki
bigdelete Allows the user to delte pages which are lager than the limit $wgDeleteRevisionsLimit. The variable DeleteRevisionsLimit can be set up in advance. no MediaWiki
block Allows the user to block IP addresses and registered users. There are various block options uincluding stopping a user from editing and from registering new accounts and automatic block of other users with the same IP address. This takes place via the special page Block user. no MediaWiki
blockemail block a user from sending mail no BlueSpice
blog-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:Blog no BlueSpice
bluespicepreferences-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:BlueSpice_Preferences no BlueSpice
bot every edit is auto-accepted / no new version no BlueSpice
browserarchive search for deleted pages no BlueSpice
categorymanager-viewspecialpage user is allowed to view categorymanager no BlueSpice
createaccount allows the user to create new accounts no MediaWiki
dashboards-viewspecialpage-userdashboard allows viewing Special:UserDashboard no BlueSpice
editinterface edit the user interface no BlueSpice
editmyoptions edit your own private data (e.g. email address, real Name) no BlueSpice
editmyprivateinfo edit your own private data (e.g. email address, real Name) no BlueSpice
editmyusercss edit your own user CSS files no BlueSpice
editmyuserjs edit your own JavaScript files no BlueSpice
editmywatchlist edit your own watchlist

Note: some actions will still add pages even without this right

no BlueSpice
edituserjs edit other users' JavaScript files no BlueSpice
extendedsearch-viewspecialpage Allows viewing Special:ExtendedSearch no BlueSpice
hideuser block a username, hiding it from the public no MediaWiki
import allows the user to import an article from another wiki in one go no MediaWiki
importupload import pages from a file upload no BlueSpice
interwikilinks-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:InterWikiLinks no BlueSpice
ipblock-exempt bypass IP blocks, auto-blocks and range blocks no BlueSpice
move-rootuserpages move root user pages no BlueSpice
namespacemanager-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:NamespaceManager no BlueSpice
override-export-depth export pages including linked pages up to a depth of 5 no BlueSpice
pageaccess-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:PageAccess no BlueSpice
pagetemplatesadmin-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:PageTemplates no BlueSpice
passwordreset view password rest emails emails no BlueSpice
permissionmanager-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:PermissionManager no BlueSpice
remindereditall Let the user view and edit all reminders no BlueSpice
renameuser rename users no BlueSpice
rssfeeder-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:RSSFeeder no BlueSpice
sendemail send emails to others no BlueSpice
unblockself unblock oneself no BlueSpice
usagetracker-update allows updating UsageTracker data no BlueSpice
usermanager-viewspecialpage allows viewing Special:UserManager no BlueSpice
userrights user is allowed to add user groups (permissions) to other users no BlueSpice
viewmyprivateinfo view your own private data ( e.g. email adress, real name) no BlueSpice
viewmywatchlist view your own watchlist no BlueSpice
viewreaders view a list of people who have read a page no BlueSpice
wikiadmin used in many BlueSpice extensions for potentially dangerous task such as user manager and global configuration no BlueSpice
workflowedit user is allowed to edit workflows no BlueSpice
workflowlist let the user view other peoples work flows no BlueSpice
workflowview let the user view work flows no BlueSpice
writeapi controls acess to the write API ($wgEnableWriteAPI must be set to true), this means commands can be given using this external interface. no MediaWiki