Namespace manager

The Namespace manager allows a user with administrative rights to create, delete and rename namespaces and to change the settings of these namespaces. The interface for the user manager is provided by the extension BlueSpiceNamespaceManager.

Accessing the Namespace manager

The navigation link to the Namespace manager is located under Global actions > Management. This link opens the page Special:NamespaceManager.

Namespace manager
Namespace manager

Creating a namespace

To create a namespace:

  1. Click the "Plus" icon at the top of the page. A dialog opens.
  2. Enter the name for the new namespace and select the namespace options.
    Creating a namespace
    Creating a namespace
  3. You can activate the following options:
    1. Subpages: namespace can contain subpages (MediaWiki functionality)
    2. Content namespace: needs to be checked if users will create wiki pages in this namespace (MediaWiki functionality). See also
    3. The remaining options activate a number of extensions for the namespace: CategoryCheck, Secured page assignments, PageTemplates, Visual editor, Rating, Recommendations, ReadConfirmation, Semantic MediaWiki, Approval.

The corresponding talk namespace for the new namespace is automatically created. The ID of each namespace is assigned automatically based on wiki settings and existing namespace IDs.

Editing and deleting a namespace

Editing a namespace: A namespace can be edited by clicking on the "wrench" icon in the table row or above the table when a namespace is selected.

Names of talk namespaces or of system namespaces (File, MediaWiki) cannot be changed.

Deleting a namespace: Only custom (user created) namespaces can be deleted.

After clicking on the delete icon, a dialog with the delete options appears.

Deleting a namespace
Deleting a namespace

  • Will be deleted: deletes the pages in this namespace together with the namespace
  • Will be moved into "(Pages)": moves the pages of this namespace into the main namespace
  • Will be moved into "(Pages)" with the suffix "(from [namespace name])": moves and appends the pages with "from [namespace]"

Talk namespaces are deleted with their corresponding namespace and cannot be deleted separately.

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