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BlueSpice 2.27.3

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BlueSpice 2.27.3 is a patch release. The version 2.27.3 was published on Wednesday, 18th April 2018.

Notable new features

ArticleInfo: The display of all subpages is now sorted in a meaningful way.

List of subpages.png

The link wizard InsertLink now informs users whether the desired page to be linked exists.

BlueSpice 2-27-3 InsertLink.png

Namespaces can now also have hyphens in their names.

BlueSpice 2-27-3 NamespaceManager.png
The InsertMagic wizard (which you can use to insert tags, switches and variables) now offers the possibility to give users a list of the most important tags to prevent longer searches ("Quick access").
BlueSpice 2-27-3 InsertMagic.png
Stempel BlueSpice pro.png

Bookshelf - Mass add: Assign many pages to a book at once using the "Mass add" function in the bookmaker. You select the pages of a category or the subpages of a page and only have to sort the added pages. It is also possible to search for pages and export the search results and import them into the book. 

BlueSpice 2-27-3-Mass add icon.png
BlueSpice 2-27-3 Search result export.png

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