Installation Guide

Note:For general questions regarding the installation, maintenance, and usage of BlueSpice, go to our SourceForge help forum .


We are happy that you decided to install the latest version of BlueSpice, our innovative and feature-packed wiki system. Carefully follow our step-by-step instructions, and BlueSpice will be up and running in no time!

After checking your system requirements and preparing your server environment, you will install the BlueSpice application and optionally tweak your configuration to improve your system performance so that your users can enjoy working with their new wiki.


Before installing BlueSpice 3, review that you meet all system requirements and that your server environment is ready. If you need to set up a server environment first, we provide detailed instructions here:

  1. Check the system requirements
  2. Prepare your system for the BlueSpice installation.
    To set up your server environment, follow the step-by-step instructions or read our quick reference:

Installing BlueSpice 3

Please select which installation type you need:

Upgrade and patch updates

Migration from MediaWiki to BlueSpice

Quick reference: Configuration, services, and optimization

Warning:Pages in the namespaces SocialEntity and User are indexed by search engines by default until version 3.1.13. If you run a public wiki with an earlier version, you should exclude these namespaces from being searchable unless you want these pages to be indexed by public search engines.

If you don't need to set up a server environment "from scratch", you can directly refer to the setup instructions for individual system components. Just make sure that you really have everything configured as needed:

Services and system configuration

Webservices for Apache Tomcat

Additional settings and optimizations

Security settings