BlueSpice layout

BlueSpice Layout

Your wiki is divided into several unique areas that group the features of the wiki in a meaningful way. Here we give you an overview so that you can easily find the functionality that you are looking for.

Note: Some features are disabled by default in your wiki or only visible to specific user groups such as administrators.

Layout area Description
1-Custom menu A wiki administrator can create custom navigation to pages inside and outside the wiki.
2-Main toolbar Contains important elements such as the logo area, the search field and access to the user profile.
3-Navigation The "heart" of the page organization. From here, users can access all pages,

depending on their permissions. Many navigation elements can be customized.

4-Content area Here you create and edit all wiki content. Discussions are also located in this space.
5-Page tools Powerful page management features. This includes important tools for the

quality management of a page.

Custom menu


Layout area Description
1-Custom menu With the extension BlueSpiceCustomMenu, a wiki administrator can create individual navigation to pages inside and outside the wiki.

Main toolbar


Layout area Description
1-Logo area The BlueSpice logo can be exchanged via the Config Manager with a company logo.
2-Search field You will search pages and files with a full-text and title search, as well as a fuzzy search. With search filter and search in the metadata.
3-Edit page A button that switches a page into edit mode. Only active for users with write access.
4-Create page A button for creating a new page or uploading a file. Only active for users with write access.
5-User menu Users manage their own settings and notifications here.

The avatar icon indicates when unread notifications are waiting for the user.

6-Language selector In multilingual wikis, you can switch between the language versions of a page.
7-Fullscreen toggle Hides the navigation and page tools at the same time.
8-Custom menu toggle Here you can hide and show the top menu.



Layout area Description
1-Main navigation This is the general navigation. It can be customized by the administrator for the whole wiki.
2-Books (optional): If you use the bookshelf extension, users can go to all general and individual books to which they have access.
3-My pages This is your custom navigation bar. They can be adapted to your needs.
4-Global actions Direct links to many special pages and administration pages (for administrators).
5-Navgation toggle Shows and hides the navigation.



Layout area Description
1-Title section In the title section of a page, the most important page information and page functions are put together in a

user-friendly way.

2-Work area In the workspace, users create and edit all page content. VisualEditor simplifies the editing process.
3-Footer The footer contains links to legal information as well as to external MediaWiki websites.

Page tools


Layout area Description
1-Page tools

(a) Menu

(i) Menu header

(ii) Menu link

Lots of page actions and information related to this page can be found here.
2-QM tools Lists all the important tools to manage the life cycle of a page, such as reminders and page reviews.
3-Tools toggle A switch to hide and show the page tools.