Setting reminders

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The extension Reminder allows users to keep track of pages by creating reminders for a particular date.

Setting a reminder

Reminders are set in the quality management tab of the page tools. The date can be set as a recurring event. It is a good idea to add some text in the comments page so that the list of all reminders on the wiki provides some context for each reminder. If other users have also set a reminder for the page, they are shown on the reminder flyout as well.

Setting a reminder

From the bottom of the page, users can load the pages Manage reminders and My reminders.

Manage reminders

Available only for wiki admins , the page Special:Reminder shows a list of all reminders for all pages and all users. Wiki admins can delete reminders or edit the due date and other details.

Reminder manager for wiki admins

My reminders

The page Special:Reminder/USER_NAME shows the reminders for the currently logged-in user. It has the same functionality as "Manage reminders", just in the scope of the current user.

My reminders
My reminders

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