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Microblogs work exactly like regular blogs. Unlike blogs, however, they do not have a separate title field. Users simply provide a quick message in a single text field.

Microblog syntax

To include a microblog on a page, copy the following tag. An explanation of the individual paramters is available on the help page for blogs:

    "showentitylistmenu": false,
    "preloadedentities": [{
        "type": "microblog"
    "headlinemessagekey": "Letzte Kurznachrichten",
    "showheadline": false,
    "limit": 3,
    "sort": [ {
            "property": "timestampcreated",
            "direction": "DESC"
    "lockedfilternames": [
    "outputtypes": {
        "microblog": "Default"
    "filter": [ {
            "type": "list",
            "property": "type",
            "value": [ "microblog" ],
            "comparison": "ct"
        }, {
            "type": "boolean",
            "property": "archived",
            "value": false,
            "comparison": "eq"

This produces a microblog that looks like this:

Microblog with open text input field
Microblog with open text input field

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