BlueSpice free Download

Download options

BlueSpice free is available at the following websites:

  • BlueSpice homepage: From version 3.0.1 on, BlueSpice free is downloaded as Installer which includes a MediaWiki 1.31.
  • Sourceforge (Downloads also for previous BlueSpice free versions)
  • Docker Hub: The easiest way to run BlueSpice free is to install it with Docker. All required services are preconfigured.
  • Univention Appliance: This appliance, published in the Univention App Center, delivers BlueSpice 2.27.3 with the Univention Corporate Server in a virtual machine.

Before using the Installer

For a successful installation with the BlueSpice free Installer, it is important to review the system requirements and to configure the server environment. We have prepared detailed instructions for preparing your system:

  1. BlueSpice system requirements
  2. Blue Spice system preparation
    1. Windows
    2. Linux

To make your BlueSpice setup as easy as possible, we provide installation instructions for installing BlueSpice with Installer. These can be found in our Installation Guide.