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The extension BlueSpiceSignHere allows you to quickly sign off a wiki article. It enhances and automatizes built-in MediaWiki functions that allow users to leave their signature on the page.

Inserting the tag

While in edit mode, add (usually on the bottom), the following tag in source edit mode.

<bs:signhere />

Alternatively, you can insert the tag in visual editing mode with VisualEditor. Select Insert > Magic Word and select signhere:

Sign here magic word
Sign here magic word

Once the page is saved, every user who visits the page sees the field for Signatures.

Signatures line
Signatures line

By clicking on this field, the user's signature is automatically inserted. The signature shows the username as defined in the user's preferences as well as the timestamp of the signing. Signatures appear in chronological order of signing.


Every user's signature is added to the page in plain text, as it would be when using the built-in MediaWiki signature function. While it may not be obvious to users reading the page, all users with edit rights can add or remove signatures. As a safe-guard against such actions, the page history log shows when signatures were added.

Screenshot: signature history

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