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More than just a wiki

Your BlueSpice wiki is based on MediaWiki, the software that also runs the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Just like Wikipedia, BlueSpice empowers people to share and find information quickly and efficiently. In addition to the typical and robust collaboration features of MediaWiki, BlueSpice includes imporant quality management and maintenance tools that enable large and small companies and organizations to use the wiki for a variety of important business functions. As a flexible knowledge base and documentation platform, your wiki will support your efforts to collaboratively grow and distribute all information that is important to you.

What this user manual covers

The MediaWiki community has written extensive support documentation. A lot of the questions you have around using your wiki's features are answered right at This user manual focuses mainly on the functionality that is part of the BlueSpice distribution of the MediaWiki software and on important concepts that you need for making decisions around organizing and managing your content.

Who should read this user manual?

The audience for this user manual are mainly wiki maintainers, also known as "wiki gardeners". These are the users who are responsible for ensuring that the quality of the content and the ease of use meet the expectations of both their users and their wiki owners. These users usually have reviewer rights in the wiki, but are not registered as system administrators.

Since anyone who contributes to the wiki can also see the most important wiki reports, wiki editors are also invited to read this user manual. With that in mind, we included some information that focuses on the editing process, such as working with wiki pages.


If you have questions that go beyond the information in the user manual, you can join the BlueSpice community at