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If you maintain different language versions as subpages on a single wiki, you can use a template to show country flags anywhere on the page to switch between the different language versions.

switching between language-specific pages
switching between language-specific pages

To switch from an English main page to its German subpage, you can use the following template.

{{#if: {{{1|}}}| {{DISPLAYTITLE:{{{1}}} }} |}}
{{#switch: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
|de=[[File:De-active.png|link=]] [[File:En.png|link={{NAMESPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}]]
|[[File:De.png|link={{ARTICLEPAGENAME}}/de]] [[File:En-active.png|link=]]
<br /><br />

On the English main page and the German subpage, include the template reference with the main page name in source editing mode at the top of the pages:


The page switch then inserts the links as language flags:

You can download the images here and upload them to the main namespace on your wiki: