Special pages

Special pages are an important tool for wiki maintainers to track changes on the wiki and to view important information about all wiki pages. These pages have no wikitext, are not editable and are created by the software itself.

Finding special pages

To access a list of all special pages, click on Special pages in the Global actions menu or navigate directly to the page Special:SpecialPages. Some common special pages are also linked directly from the Global actions menu. All special pages are located in their own namespace Special: and are not editable directly as other pages. It is not possible to make a redirect to a special page, or to create content pages beginning with the Special: prefix.

Examples of special pages

There are many special pages available. Take some time to click through them and see which ones are useful to you. This list also contains all Special pages that are provided by BlueSpice. If you plan on using some special pages frequently and they are not already listed in the navigation, you can create links to them in your personal navigation.

Maintenance reports

  • Broken redirects: This special page lists redirects to non-existent pages.
  • Dead-end pages: pages which do not link to other pages in the wiki are listed here.
  • Orphaned pages: pages listed here are not linked from or transcluded into other pages of the wiki.
  • Protected pages: Here you can browse through namespaces for finding protected pages. For a more detailed search you can specify permission and restriction level and the size of the pages searched for.
  • Protected titles: Single namespaces can be scanned for protected titles.
  • Uncategorized pages: Lists all pages which are in no category.

List of pages

  • All pages: Here all pages of the wiki are listed. You may narrow your search by choosing a namespace to search within or you decide upon a letter(combination) where your search shall start. Pagenames which start with a letter(combination) alphabetically before the chosen one will not be listed.
  • Categories: All categories are listed which contain pages or media. Unused categories are not listed.
  • List of redirects: Lists pages which have been redirected and the pages they have been redirected to.

Users and Rights

  • Active users list: Shows the users that have had some kind of activity in the last 30 days.
  • Block user: Shows a form in which users can be blocked. There are several options about expiry, reason and the blockage.

Recent changes and logs

  • Logs: Shows all logs of the wiki. Alternatively, you can decide on a special log to be shown. Within a log you can also search for user and/or title and narrow the time span within which is searched.
  • Recent changes: Lists changes which have ocurred recently. You can decide how many changes shall be shown up to the last 30 days. You can also search within a namespace or exclude a namespace from search.
  • Related changes: This is a list of changes made recently to pages linked from a specified page (or to members of a specified category). Pages on your watchlist are bold. Again you can search within a namespace or exclude a namespace from search. Or you can look for a page name or its linked pages.

Data and tools

  • HalloWiki - Statistics: Enables you to create a diagram about number of users, editings, number of articles, editings per user or search requests within a defined time span.
  • Popular pages: Lists the pages which are most often viewed.
  • System messages: Lists system messages which are available in the MediaWiki namespace.

Redirecting special pages

  • Random page: Takes you to a page of the wiki which is chosen randomly.
  • Random redirect: Takes you randomly to a redirected page of the wiki.
  • Search: Allows you to search within chosen namespaces.

High use pages

  • Most linked-to categories: Shows the categories which have most member-pages (displaying the number of members in brackets).
  • Most linked-to pages: Lists pages that are most often linked to (displaying the number of links in brackets).

Page tools

  • Export pages: Text and editing history of a particular page can be exported to another wiki via this form.
  • Import pages: External pages can be imported as XML data here.
  • View deleted pages: Pages that have been deleted can be found here.
  • What links here: Enter page name (and choose a namespace) to get all internal pages that link to the page.

Data and tools

  • Book sources: Allows to search for book sources vial ISBN-number.
  • Replace text: Global find and replace option for the wiki allows to replace the text on multiple pages at the same time.