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VisualEditor: Insert tables

Insert a table

In VisualEditor, choose "Insert > Tables" to insert a table in a page:

Instert, Table.png

After entering the rows and columns, an empty table appears with the edit menu:

table 1.0.png

When the mouse rests on a symbol, the respective function is displayed.

Double-click in the cells to insert text:


Merge rows and columns

When you click in a row, an arrow appears at the left edge of the row and at the top of the column. To connect the cells in a row or a column, click on the respective arrow and then in the edit menu on "Merge":

table 3.0.png

You can also connect individual cells. Hold down the Shift key and click in two or more adjacent cells. Then connect the cells. The cells must be adjacent in a row or in a column so that they can be connected.

Table properties

In the menu item Properties, there are numerous settings to adjust the functionality and presentation of the table:

Property Description
Caption Shows a header above the table:


After disabling the header, it is lost and must be reentered when re-enabled.

Styed(wikitable) enables the default wiki look after table styles were previously selected
Sortable In the first row, a sort function is displayed:

Weeklyplan 2.0.png

The current sorting is shown in the title bar. Only one of the two sort arrows will appear in the sorted column.

Collapsible The table can be hidden on the page via a text link.
Collapsed initially If the "Collapsible" property is active, this determines whether the table is visible or hidden when the wiki page is loaded. T
Filterable The filter function is activated in the title bar and allows the following actions:
  • Sort table (ascending or descending values of the active column)
  • Hide table columns
  • Filter column (only values from the current column are considered here)

table 4.0.png

If the filter is activated, the table styles are ignored and the table is displayed in "Filter Style". After deactivating this function, the selected table style is displayed again.

Table style Here you can load different style sheets for the table.
Use full width for table The table uses the full width of the wiki page, regardless of the table contents.

Table styles

The following style sheets can be selected in the Table Style menu. Click on a picture to start the gallery:

The visual editor makes it easy to format content as a table. The following alternatives for creating tables exist:

  • Tables can also be inserted as a csv file on a page (just drag the CSV file onto the page in edit mode)
  • Complex tables can alternatively be attached to the page as an xlsx file.