Video Player

About the video player

The video player allows you to embed local video files in a page. These files have to be uploaded to your wiki first.

If you want to embed videos from a video sharing service such as Youtube, you can use the installed extension EmbedVideo. EmbedVideo is documented at

How to use the video player

Use the tag <bs:showtime>Video.mp4</bs:showtime> anywhere in an article to activate the player. Upload the video into your wiki first. You can upload the video just like an image (Global actions > Upload file).

The following video formats are supported: mp4, ogv, flv, webm

Optional arguments

You can configure the player with the following arguments:

Argument Description Type Default
width Width of the video int 320
height Height of the video int 240
autostart Automatically starts the video when the page is loaded bool false
repeat Automatically repeats the video in a loop bool false

Example syntax: <bs:showtime width="960" height="760" autostart="true">Testvideo.mp4</bs:showtime>

Compatibility matrix

For technical reasons, not all video formats can be played in all browsers.

Format Firefox Chrome Internet Explorer
mp4 yes yes yes
flv yes yes yes
ogv yes yes no
webm yes yes no

Please note: due to VideoJS standards, the player is set back from HTML5 to Flash when playing an flv-file or using Internet Explorer.

Technical details

The video player is enabled by the extension BlueSpicePlayer. An administrator has to add the necessary video extensions to the allowed file extensions in the Config Manager.

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